"Fresh and Exuberant"

"Simply Phenomenol"

"Freakin' Spectacular"


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"Under the insightful direction of Michael Susko, delivers the goods in a powerful and poignant presentation which propels the audience to their feet at the curtain call.  Michael takes Arthur Laurents well written script and makes it soar in both the comic and dramatic aspects. Just when you feel your heart is going to break in two, the script has a comic moment to lighten it up"Lorraine Lucciola- Southcoast Today

From its statuesque opening montage — a stunning black and white, high society costume parade — to its poignant yet purposely undecided conclusion, — “My Fair Lady” is a sparkling triumph.

And, just when you think director/choreographer Michael Susko has pulled the last rabbit out of his hat, he shares his endless creativity with us in magical imagery, special character nuances, engaging comedy and especially, a dance ensemble worthy of show stopping applause.

Under the precise direction/choreography of Michael Susko...this "Sound of Music" will make you forget you've ever seen it before, on stage or on film. Festival Theatre's "The Sound of Music" is as fresh and exuberant as anything previous experienced for the very first time. Lorraine Lucciola- Southcoast Today



Singin' in the Rain delivers on so many levels that it's hard to separate them. Michael Susko, director and


choreographer of the production, gives us an exquisitely well-crafted, cohesive piece of work from


beginning to end. Lorraine Lucciola- Southcoast Today



Special kudos go to director Susko...Thanks to his smart choices and the cast’s first-rate performances,


this was truly a Millie to treasure. I'm not going to forget it anytime soon. Nicola McEldowney




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